Please find the attached checklist for the TAX YEAR 2018. To book your appointment, call Ali at 905 471 0621.

Required Information / Documentation of Interest

  • SIN, Name,¬†Address, and Birth Date¬†(Driver’s License)
  • Email and Telephone Number
  • Previous year Notice of Assessment
  • RRSP receipts and repayments
  • All Income slips T4, T3, T5
  • Marital Status
  • Charitable donations
  • Medical receipts
  • Rental income receipts
  • Property tax / rent paid
  • Safety deposit fees
  • Receipts for public transit passes
  • Tuition fees/ Interest on student loan
  • Moving expenses
  • Capital gains and investment loss

Information and Slips pertaining to the following:

  • RRSP and RESP
  • Payroll, GST and HST filing
  • Audit assistance and accounting/bookkeeping
  • Investments.