2019 Tax Season Is Here

Ali and Associates, 2019 Tax Season Information

The deadline to file your taxes for the year 2019 is April 30th, 2020!


The 2019 tax season is official open. All residents of Canada must file their taxes by April 30, 2020. In order to serve you better, we have extended hours during weekdays and are also open on the weekends. Please note that evenings and weekends are extremely busy, so it is advised to book an appointment by emailing us at ali@taxbyali.com.

You are not required to file a tax return if you don’t owe any tax, but if you don’t file you can’t claim any refund that may be due to you and forego other potential benefits such as claiming a sales tax refund. On the other hand, there are penalties for filing late, as well as interest on any unpaid taxes. A first-time late filing is charged five percent of any unpaid tax, plus interest of one percent per month for 12 months. The penalties are much worse for repeated late filing.

To facilitate your tax filing, here are some helpful tips:

We are located at 9275 Markham Road, Markham, Ontario. We accept cash, cheques, interact e-transfers, and major credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tax-slips?
Slips are prepared by your employer, payer, or administrator. You should have received most of your slips (including your T4, T4A, and T5 slips) and receipts by the end of February. However, T3, and T5013 slips do not have to be sent before the end of March.

What if I am missing a slip? If you have not received, or have lost or misplaced a slip, you have to ask your the issuer (i.e. your employer) for a copy of the slip. Alternatively, check your CRA My Account to see if your slips are available online. Ali and Associates can do this step for you on your behalf.

What income should I file? Most monetary amounts you recieve in a given year must be reported as income. As a resident of Canada, you have to report your income from all sources, both inside and outside Canada. Report all income in Canadian dollars.

last modified: 06 Mar 2020